Andika Setya Wardhana: The Executive Producer of “Buqiet: Wild on The Street”

For those who already knew (or perhaps attended) the premiering of “Buqiet: Wild on The Street”, you probably find out the name of ‘Dika’ quiet familiar in your ears. Yes. He’s the executive producer of “Buqiet: Wild on The Street”. We exclusively make this article to let you guys have a closer look at Dika’s profile.

Born on January 23rd, 1989, he admitted that he fell in love with skateboarding in some other way; he doesn’t only grow personally on it, but he loves watching his only brother, Aditya, has grown so far in skateboarding.

“I am amazed to see my brother’s character molded through the (skateboard) culture, then I thought about what I love the most: capturing moments. Well at first it was a dedication for his passion so much in skateboarding. Long-story shorts, we started projects and we just go with the flow,” said Dika with his smile.

at “Buqiet: Wild on The Street” Jakarta Premiere
photo by: Suryana Sulaeman

Dika told us that he has this one big satisfaction whenever he finally gets things done. It means that he literally takes projects seriously. Well as you can see “Buqiet: Wild on The Street” is one of the examples. 

“I know people love photography, videography, and skateboarding too. I know how people love to create artworks too, but it means nothing if you do not have such passion and responsibility. It will be nothing if you don’t take it seriously because it is not an easy thing to communicate your idea to people,” he talks his mind.

From our short interview with Dika, we managed to know him better as personal. He’s the kind of guy that lives in the moment. He loves to observe things and communicate his thoughts at the same time.

As we talked about how “Buqiet: Wild on The Street” was meant to lit up the passions of people in the skateboarding world (esp in Indonesia), Dika had successfully shown us that everything you can imagine is possible, only by faith and hard works. 

There might be tears and there might be joys – that’s the meaning of life. Just go with it, enjoy it. Because the only important thing is how we make a legacy for our world, and if we can show it through skateboarding…then why not?  – Andika Setya Wardhana.

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