Buqiet once had a special chit-chat session with the one and only Anjar as he joined with Buqiet Skate School as the coach. Here’s the summary of our convo. Enjoy!

Buqiet: “Hey, dude whatsup?”

Anjar: “Always great, man. How are you?”

Buqiet: “Awesome, great to have you here with us!”

Anjar: “My pleasure, bud! Anyway what’s this all about?”

Buqiet: “Well we have few quick questions…”

Anjar: “…um about?”

Buqiet: “YOU! HAHA”

Anjar: “Ah well, ok. Bring it on!”

Buqiet: “K. Started from the bottom…Tell us about your first skate”

Anjar: “Ah..pretty long time ago. Started it when I was in 6th grade. It was nearby the school. Banjaran”

Buqiet: “Hmm ok and you were born at……”

Anjar: “November 29th, 1989”

Buqiet: “Ok. You’re a Sagittarius and people now can count how many years ago U started skating”

Anjar: “LOL. Ok. You got me”

Buqiet: “Who’s your role model in skateboard life?”

Anjar: “Paul Rodriguez”

Buqiet: “Well nice. Next question…”

Anjar: “Wait..what? We’re not going to discuss Rodriguez? I mean you just asked who my role model is…”

Buqiet: “Well yes, but there’s no more further question needed about it on the list. We don’t even know why. The writer of this article made us do it….”

Anjar: “Hahaha. Fine. Next question please”

Buqiet: “Please tell us about your story related to being a skateboard-instructor”

Anjar: “Have been a year being a coach. It’s pretty nice, gives me new excitements day-by-day”

Buqiet: “That’s a preeeetttyyyyyy clear explanation. Would you please to tell us more?”

Anjar: “HAHA. Well, I found skateboarding-life itself as the way of “fun”. I think we can describe skateboarding as “fun” or maybe the word “fun” itself can only be discovered on skateboarding. You decide. The most important thing for me is that I have this one main goal of being a coach: DELIVER THE GOOD VIBES! Feels awesome when you can share the positivity of skateboarding and creating good vibes around you, more than just techniques and tricks! There’s brotherhood and sisterhood in skateboarding, just let’s imagine that we’re vibing the same vibes. Epic huh?”

Buqiet: “ #BROTHERKEEPER . HAHA. Bet they’re now curious about the (skate) culture”

Anjar: “So why don’t you just buzz me up? Let’s skate! Find me at Buqiet Skatepark or if you are interested on learning something new – I’m the coach at Buqiet Skate School too sooooo you know where to enroll yourself”

Buqiet: “Thank you for promoting yourself and us, Anjar!”

Anjar: “Thanks for this chit-chat too, I guess….?”

*Anjar left the chat*

Buqiet: “And why are you still reading it? Let’s have another chit-chat with Anjar here! Skate now and vibing along the way!”

*Buqiet left the chat*

[Kei, Buqiet]


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