“Grill and Grind 2019” is one of communities’ event held by ASJB (Asosiasi Skateboarding Jawa Barat) and also presented by Buqiet Skatepark for all skaters around West Java.

“We have such big hopes for all the local skaters – especially around West Java – to grow even further through achievements on national and international scale of competitions. Hopefully this event can be a good representation of the act of community to gather all skaters and create good atmosphere and positivity of skateboarding itself,”as said from the spokesman from ASJB.

The event was held at Buqiet Skatepark – as a well-known home for skaters and communities since early 2000 – and together they’ve made a successful memorable event to end the year 2019. 

“We celebrated ‘Grill&Grind’ at December,28th of 2019. Started at 8 a.m straight for registrations and then continued straight to competitions and games, burger-grill, and many other fun activities followed by music performances,”said Agung as the manager of Buqiet Skatepark.

The Vibes

‘Grill and Grind (2019)’ is one of good examples of how the event for communities should be held: well coordination from organizers, venue, and all talents who took part to lit up the event, combined with many supports from sponsors and media partner(s) – all work together for one main vision: Creating Positivity on Skate Community.

There was two qualifications for the ‘Grill and Grind’ competition to win total prizes of 8 millions IDR:

  1. Street Competition
  2. Bowl/Park Competition

Both of the qualifications are open for public, started from the beginner level. 

Congratulations winners! Slight recap for the winners from each qualification as below:

A. Skatepark Competition

1st winner: Wanda

2nd winner: Ahmad Fathin

3rd winner: Absar Lebeh

B. Bowl Competition

Best trick bowl competition: Wanda, Carlo

At last, Buqiet Skatepark and ASJB would like to say many many thank you for all supports, loves, and for all participants of ‘Grill and Grind 2019’. It was indeed a great memory by the end of 2019. [Kei, Buqiet]

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