If you’re one of those active visitors of Buqiet Skatepark – or often skate around Bandung – then you’ve probably knew Dangos; the coach whom usually known as the magnet for kids/teens. Born at September, 17th 1981, Dangos first jumped on his deck on 1992 and his interest on skateboarding kept-on growing ever since. 

Dangos at Buqiet Skatepark
Captured by : Laurentius Edo

“Eric Coston has been my role model since day-1 I chose skateboarding as part of my lifestyle,”he added as we interviewed him on Buqiet Skatepark.

Being a skateboarding coach for (mostly) kids and teens these past few years has made him falling in love with “the art of mentoring others” too. He admitted to us that teaching skateboarding has a deeper value of connecting to people.

“It has always been interesting and challenging through the journey. First, we can observe someone’s focus-type capability. Second, we learned about students’ fear and help them to outgrow it into the courage,”he said to us with his warm smile.

We asked Dangos about what this journey of being a coach has given back to him and then we realised why he’s such a magnet to so many people. He answered, “This journey has taught me a lot on being a reliable person, being supportive to others’ passion, and of course it is also a great way to practise my patience.”

Fine Day at Buqiet Skatepark
Captured by: Laurentius Edo

We learn about the deeper value of skateboarding through the lense of Dangos. As we see that he often skates and coaching students at Buqiet Skatepark (an indoor skatepark in Bandung), he gives more than just a support to students. Dangos – in an indirect way – sets free of those students’ imagination and limit. His best achievement as a mentor is not only on teaching tricks and technical methods, but on making each student believes that they can become ‘limitless’ when they have such courage.

Kids often live on their ‘dungeon’ of mind, on such intimidation that keep telling them that they are just as limited as what society will decide them to be. The ‘dungeon’ will keep their confidence on chains and make them afraid to try, failing, and get back up again.

That’s why Dangos is here at Buqiet Skate School, helping dozens of kids and teens escaping their own ‘dungeons’ through skateboarding.

If you want to learn about skateboard right away or to say hello to Dangos, visit our Program page or contact us through DM on IG @buqietskateschool . [Kei, Buqiet]


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  1. one of the best coach i know and i’ve been trusting my only child in dangos’ hands since she was 6 y.o untill now she’s 9 to develop her best skill and optimalizing her talent. i am beyond happy to see the progress so far.
    i believe a coach with vision will deliver students with purposes. and dangos is definitely one.

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