What we’ve had working on for more than a year has finally paid off! The premiere of “Buqiet: Wild on The Street” is here and it was held at Buqiet Skatepark on March, 7th as the initiation. It. Was. Rad!

Photo by: Faza Ramadhan

            Showcasing tricks and rides from 13 skateboard figures, the video part was directed , produced, and edited by Aditya Swara Pradipta , together with Andika S Wardhana and Agung Nurima as the executive producer. It is truly a masterpiece – we see so much passions and hearts are put-on into this project. Alongside with the premiere, we also had the photo exhibition curated by Mamuyoi contained stilled memories of the making of “Buqiet: Wild on The Street”.

            Why “Buqiet: Wild on The Street”?

            We personally want to share the story of how we started the journey on skateboarding, how we fell in love with skateboarding, then decided that it is part of our life, and live as if it is our culture. More than just a story-telling, this video is made to burn your passion – once again to lit the fire up in the skateboarding world esp. in Indonesia.

Photo by: Faza Ramadhan

            The skaters are all on the street; finding new challenges for themselves, supporting each others, winning the battle of their own, being wild – but most important one: they’re being sane.[Kei, Buqiet]

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